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American Technology Holding (ATH) is the enterprise established to bring revamping change and advancement to the technology world. ATH is the holding company for series of established brands in diverse fields of IT, Facilities, Telecom, Construction, Power & Energy, Cooling & Refrigeration Technologies, as well as Automation & Intelligence, Monitoring, Control and Analytics Software, Tools & Systems all founded on basis of innovation, advancement, uniqueness, robustness, rapid growth. American Technology Holding is the first and only single-source provider of all data center solutions and services. ATH has invested heavily in green energy, modularity, automation, intelligence, resilience and security through its robust and round-the-clock R&D with the mission of providing absolute and end-user realizations based on efficiency and effectiveness.

骚虎视频影院A result of having the most innovative and advanced data center solutions, ATH is able to expand, deliver, and drive the data center industry.

Atholding New Strategy

Expand our leading
People are our most valuable assets. At ATH, we strive to provide our employees a direct and personal investment through an innovative reward system. Motivation and challenge empowers the talent at ATH, empowering individuals, improving through personal growth, and advancing the industry.

Deliver solutions and insights
Our mission is to create long-term value for shareholders, customers, and employees through passion and commitment to excellence. Talented individuals working together towards a common goal drives the organization and all but guarantees success. Success is achieved by developing industry-leading technology, investing globally, and delivering results.

Drive efficiencies
A disciplined management process creates shareholder value while accounting for economic and industry changes. Emphasis on current and long-term planning and clear priorities fuels efficiency. The combined effort of our businesses, expertise, and resources benefits all shareholders around the world.




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